Thursday, August 16, 2007

genotyping & SNP high throughput (movie)

How do we go about screening many patients for know SNP's associated with disease in an affordable, fast and accurate way? The answer is of course is to use microarrays.

The "patient on a biochip" method is used to analyze samples from patients with different disease genotypes. Fluorescent oligonucleotides labeled red and green are co-hybridized to a microarray so that the patient DNA on the biochip can bind to disease identifying synthetic labeled probes. The chip is then read and analyzed. Fluorescent images are superimposed to produce a composite 2-color image to score each patient's genotype. The 3 different genotypes are distinguished easily by scoring the red, yellow and green colors. The following are the advantages of the method:

normal, carrier and disease are all verified in the same test

test is 100% accurate 1 to tens of thousands of patients can tested in a single experiment

no labeling of the patient DNA is required

technique is very fast and less expensive than current methods

method is affordable in either high or low throughput

method is highly flexible

can be further multiplexed using more colors

removes the bottleneck of hybridizing many microarrays

platforms can be tailored to fit the throughput needs of any size lab
Contact for more information. Method Covered by US Patent