Monday, August 20, 2007

Microarray bench top tools movie

Here is a nice moving showing how some of our bench top microarray tools work. The great thing about the hybridization cassette is that it can be reused many, many is not disposable. Cover slip hybridization reactions must not dry out, and the hyb cassette makes sure that reactions stay hydrated. It is designed to go inside a water bath where accurate temperature of the hybridization reaction is easily maintained. The microarray wash station holds up to 25 microarrays. Even washing across the slides is achieved by mixing of the buffers with a magnetic spin bar. The microarray centrifuge dries slide based microarrays quickly and evenly...a very popular tool. The microarray slide centrifuge is now available through Nimblegen systems/Roche for use with their in-situ microarray platform. When ordering from Arrayit Corporation, use promotional secret code "benchtop" for a 5% discount off the list price of the tool(s) of your choice now through September 5th, 2009 Catalog ID's AHCPlus, HTW, MHC.