Friday, August 3, 2007

Microarray First Entry

I will try to post an interesting microarray technology thought each day. Today's thought is the use of biotinylated molecules to streptavidin surface chemistry. It is amazing how many people like this surface chemistry approach. We were excited to see the following publication use our surface...Proteome-wide Analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Identifies Several PHD Fingers…
X Shi, I Kachirskaia, KL Walter, JHA Kuo, A Lake, … - Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2007 - ASBMB
Use of the biotin linker allows the peptides to end attach to the surface chemistry, making them available for various microarray based binding studies. We've also had good feedback with using non-modified peptides to our SuperEpoxy 2 surface chemistry, letting the N terminus of the peptide bind covalently to the reactive epoxide groups on the surface. Epoxide surface chemistry is taking over many applications in both DNA, protein and peptide microarray applications. Epitope mapping studies show that this approach provides specific binding.