Friday, August 10, 2007

Microarray Imprinter

The cool microarray word for today is multiplexing. We've been battling against luminex for multiplexing various types of protein capture assays. We feel that the microarray approach is more robust since we can view the raw data to know how well an experiment went. luminex relies on the redundancy of the system to verify the results and there is no raw data to look at. Additionally we feel that we have much greater multiplexing power, since the capture proteins in our microarray assay are covalently bound to the surface, where in luminex they are all floating around in the same "soup". A comparison in density of course is that microarray is much higher. "Arrays of arrays" are now easier on slides because of the new imprinter we have that allows us to do 192 microarrays per slide. Information on the microarray imprinter can be found at: