Friday, March 28, 2008

The adoption of personalized medicine is happening!

Adverse drug reactions are among the highest causes of death. Part of the work in personalized medicine is about developing drugs that include a genetic or other type of test to match the patient with the right drug and dosage. This will make drug therapies safer and more effective. We are seeing the needed changes to make this happen in all areas of our society. Regulatory requirements are being defined and insurance reimbursement for diagnostic tests linked to proper care are being approved. Congress is working on laws to to prevent genetic discrimination and our educational system is ramping up to incorporate genetic testing methods their curriculum. At Arrayit we are supporting a number of undergraduate microarray education programs with tools, kits and reagents for education purposes. The good graduate programs are working at it too. So it is clear a supportive public policy environment is helping to address the important issues to make Personalized Medicine a true medical dicipline...not just a buzz word. Our federal government has the power to provide addition incentives to business, investment banks, and insurance companies that would help accelerate the development of drugs and companion diagnostic tests. The American Society for Human Genetics published a nice synopsis March 07, is an interesting read to see how quickly the changes are really happening....Read more here..