Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spotting label free protein microarrays

Christopher Lausted, Zhiyuan Hu, and Leroy Hood (Founder and President) from the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle used Stealth 7 Micro Spotting Pins to manufacture microarrays for a new high-throughput method for the quantitative analysis of serum proteins using surface plasmon resonance imaging. They report that microarray fabrication was easy with hundreds of microarrays printed with only a 10-microliter volume of antibody, with many samples analyzed by each array.

Highlights of the article include:
  • Detected and quantified specific proteins in complex biological mixtures without the use of labels.
  • Showed relative and absolute quantitation of proteins in serum.
  • Proved they could regenerate and reuse the same microarray 12 times “inter-array variability can be eliminated and more experimental replicates can be conducted”
  • Showed how antibody microarrays are a great complement to transcription arrays...they detected 39 protein changes, 26 of which correspond to genes previously observed to show differential mRNA regulation.
It's a great read for anyone doing or thinking about doing antibody microarrays with or without labels.

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