Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Microaray Methods and Protocols-NEW BOOK

I am happy to report that I've contributed to a great new book.  There are a lot of other great authors and I cannot say enough about the wonderful job Dr. Robert Matson did putting it together.  Additionally the help I get from Dr. Mark Schena, the Arrayit team and others for content, inspriation and guidance.

Microarray Methods and Protocols provides insight into present and future uses for microarray technology. This book presents an overview of companies providing arrays, the type of arrays available, array construction processes, substrate chemistry, array printing, and quality control. With a focus on nucleic acid microarrays of biomedical relevance and the use of microarrays in drug discovery, the text describes the application of gene expression arrays to identify drug targets for human diseases and to predict possible drug toxicity problems. The relatively new field of protein microarray technology is also discussed, including technical challenges and how they have been overcome.  buy it soon at www.arrayit.com

Publisher: CRC
ISBN: 1420046659
EAN: 9781420046656