Friday, May 29, 2009

Peptide Microarrays for Carbohydrate Recognition

Exciting new peptide microarray application for high throughput glycan analysis. Summary information taken directly from the paper...

The authors developed a hybrid glycan screening technology which combines the advantages of the microarray format with the ‘shotgun’ strategy of phage display and combinatorial peptide library methods. The microarray made contain a 10,000 peptides printed in duplicate. What is nicely demonstrated is that a large amounts of sequence and chemical space can be adequately sampled using only a small fraction of the possible space through the unbiased, random sequences of the peptides. Future applications include comparative protein glyco profiling and quality control, pathogen ‘glyco-signaturing’, and rapid differentiation of glycosylation changes between biomarkers of health and disease. Get the paper here:

Information on the microarray printer that was used to manufacture the peptide microarrays can be found here: