Monday, August 10, 2009

SpotBot Personal Microarrayer

Looking inside the chamber of the SpotBot Personal Microarrayer while the machine is running.

Description: A video looking at the inside of the SpotBot® Personal Microarrayer while the machine is running. This system makes creating your own microarrays a standard and common laboratory practice, as fundamental as using pipettes only easier. Arrayit® offers the finest personal microarrayers available, with nearly 400 installations worldwide. Our desktop microarray manufacturing instruments use advanced micro-robotics to ensure precision, compactness and affordability. The SpotBot® Personal Microarrayer will print 384 samples onto 14 substrates in duplicate in 2 hours using four patented 946 Micro Spotting Pins. SpotBot® systems are perfect complements to microarray core facilities, ideal for innovative research and diagnostics, and essential instruments for all microarray laboratories.