Monday, July 26, 2010

Antibody Microarray Expression Profiling

Arrayit Corporation's microarray platform has emerged as a important proteomics tool set with hundreds to thousands of analytes tested in parallel and in a multiplexed format with only a few microliters of sample volume. Samples can be plasma, serum, urine, or tissue. Plasma can be depleted of abundant proteins or not, either way works. Arrayit is the only platform where gene expression and protein expression can be tested with the same tool set.

The major components of an antibody microarray experiment are: 1. Microarray Production 2. Sample Preparation 3. Incubation Reaction 4. Image analysis (scan, quantify, report data)

Arrayit Microarray Equipment

-NanoPrint or SpotBot Microarrayer for the microarray manufacturing portion of the experiment (Arrayit also mfg microarrays as a service).

- Innoscan 710 or Spotlight Microarray Scanner for image analysis (Arrayit also scans and quantifies microarrays as a service).

- Benchtop tools, AHC or AHC1x24, AHC4x24. High Throughput Wash Station (HTW), Microarray Centrifuge (MHC) for processing the microarrays (Arrayit will also process microarrays as a service).

- Centrifuge with the ability to spin microplate, microtubes and 15ml tubes

-Mapix Microarray Quantification Software or equivalent (included with Innoscan 710 Microarray Scanner)

Consumable Materials

- SuperEpoxy 2 Microarray Substrates (SME2)
- Blockit Plus Microarray blocking buffer (BKP)
- Protein Microarray Reaction, Wash and Rinse Buffers (PMRB, PMWB, PMNB)
- Streptavidin conjugated to phycoerythrin, Cy3, Cy5 or Equivalent
- Thermo/Fisher/Pierce Long Chain Biotinylation Kit or equivalent