Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fluorescence in-situ hybridization

Our TrayMix 4 Hybridization Station multi-purpose, bench-top instrument platform for automating highly repetitive, manual laboratory protocols for fluorescence in-situ hybridization testing and other slide-based cytogenetic applications such as microarray. The product is much more sophisticated than the ThermoBrite DNA Hybridization System and promises to to be a key tool for personalized medicine applications with emphasis on diagnostics.

Arrayit expects this instrument to be the market leading product for automated (F)ISH denaturation, hybridization, and washing instrumentation. There are currently nearly 5000 units of older instrumentation installed world wide that will eventually need to be replaced and upgraded to newer technology as these system age. Additionally, (F)ISH testing for cancer diagnostics is become more common with mid-range laboratories performing between 4 and 50 tests per day and are in need of higher level of automation, protocol programming, tracking and data storage. Many instruments can be daisy chained together to be run from a networked single computer for integration into laboratory information management computer systems or run as a reliable stand alone instrument. 3rd party market analysis report that there are approximately 4,000 mid-range laboratories in the clinical and research market that are a good target for the TrayMix 4.

The system is the only one in the world that uses chaotic advection to assure that every biomolecule in solution has a chance to meet it's partner on slide based assays such as (F)ISH and Microarray. The system has been developed as a standalone and versatile bench-top instrument capable of automating a growing number of laboratory protocols, including protein microarrays. The initial and primary market focus for the instrument will be for (F)ISH applications and microarray applications, although the system also automates other processes for WISH (whole mount in-situ hybridization), IHC (immunohistochemistry), blots (Western/Southern/Northern), and other slide-based applications. This bench-top platform is user programmable and it is capable of automating most steps of the (F)ISH test protocol with a significant reduction in technologist labor and increased reliability.

See product details at: http://arrayit.com/Products/Microarray_Instruments/Microarray_Hybridization_Stati/microarray_hybridization_stati.html