Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High Throughput Microarray Hybridization

We've come out with a new high throughput hybridization instrumentation for our popular AHC4x24, AHC4x16 Multi-Well Hybridization Cassettes. These tools turn 4 microarray substrates into a super high throughput 96 well microarray hybridization format. Hybridize and/or incubate up to 96 DNA, Protein, Peptide or Carbohydrate microarrays at a time. This digitally controlled peltier heating and cooling (6C - 105C) orbital mixer (300 -1500 rpm) can also be used for cell killing, RNA transcription, immunoprecipitation, enzyme kinetics, and more. Interchangable sample blocks are sold separately for multi-well hybridization cassettes Get the full product details here:

Happy Microarraying!