Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Serum Profiling using Antigen Microarrays

Arrayit Peptide Microarray Platform for Serum Profiling

Antigens that demonstrate immunogenicity have strong potential as biomarkers for drug discovery and companion diagnostics. Peptide microarrays empowering higher resolution content are even more powerful.  Human antigens discovered through a variety of proteomic technologies, including microarray, bead-based assays, "dipstick" and standard ELISA format can all be used. Each of these formats has been proven to be an effective tool for measuring serum antibodies, but with peptide microarrays we can map the immuno-dominant regions of any antigen. Using patient serum samples in conjunction with focused content peptide microarrays or high throughput overlapping libraries run on the arrayit platform provides an efficient route to discover differences in the humoral immune responses to disease and drugs in patients at the epitope level.

Arrayit's highly multiplex format allows simultaneous detection of autoantibodies at the epitope level.

Using Arrayit's platform, between 1 and 25,000 antigens (or peptide representing epitopes of antigens) can be measured in a single assay. With multiplexed formats, up to 64 multiplexed assays can be run on a single slide substrate.

Serum is a rich and accessible source of biomarkers and is a readily accessible tissue source. Antibodies in serum are stable, abundant and easily measured quantitatively measured on Arrayit's microarray platform.  With miniaturized and multiplexed assays only microliter amounts of serum are required to test over thousands of biomarkers.