Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Multiplexed Miniaturized Paralleled Microarray

The tool pictured below is our catalog ID: AHC4x24. It can be used like an ELISA strip plate. Microarrays are best done on glass surface chemistry.  Microarray scanners are designed to read microscope slide size glass substrates (25mm x 76mm x 1 mm).  So what this incredible little tool enables is 4 slides of up to 24 microarrays on each slide, to be processed exactly like a 96 well plate. Yes, that's right, all the instruments, such as ELISA plate washers, are compatible with this tool.  Each "well" contains a microarray.  With our ex-situ microarray manufacturing platform (US Patent 6,101,946) we can put any type of microarray in the well that we desire...DNA, Protein, Carbohydrate, Small Molecule...etc...  This tool is currently being used very successfully in large scale immunoassays.
96 Well Microarray Reaction Tool Arrayit Catalog ID AHC4x24