Friday, June 14, 2013

Microarray Reaction Tray

Great new tool for blocking and washing microarrays. I am a microarray geek...I am so very excited about this product, it is something I have wanted for a very long time.  Printed microarrays are precious devices and the specialized buffers we use to block and wash them are not free either!  So this little tray helps us perform the bulk processes we need to do on microarray slides after printing and prior to hybridization with just the right amount of buffer.  It enables proper washing and inactivation of microarray surface chemistry.  Up to 4 microarray slides are held individually in their own little compartment and can be well covered and saturated with only 5 ml of buffer.  That means no risk of slides hitting or floating on top of each other damaging microarray spots..  Trays can be stacked on top of each other and they can be used to run other types of bulk reactions and hybridizations. Our newest blocking protocols have us performing multiple exchanges of the blocking buffer.  After spotting a microarray, there is always some unbound DNA, protein, peptide or carbohydrate at each spot. Exchanges with washing and blocking buffers are the best way to be sure that this material is removed for efficient hybridization reactions and has no chance to contribute to background noise. Microarrays are most stable stored unprocessed. This 4 slide tool matches our most popular 4 slide hybridization tools AHC4x24 and AHC4x8L and makes for easy processing.  I really love these new trays, we are already using them with great success, the improved results are showing and will result in significant buffer cost savings.  They come sterile and can be used as a disposable, or washed and re-used.   Catalog ID: MRT, get them at and