Tuesday, June 11, 2013

reverse lysate microarray

Reverse Phase Protein Microarrays can be printed very well with our Microarray Manufacturing Device, US Patent 6,101,946.  Professional, 946, and Stealth Microarray Printing Pins all make microarrays at high efficiency.  The ability to spot many spots with a single loading of sample more consistently and with less material than any other technology make it the perfect choice for this application.  Quantified data numbers shown above, note the very consistent technical replicate signals, each lysate spotting in triplicate.  Signals are well below saturation and on the low end of the scale which are more difficult to show consistent numbers.  Microarrays made on Nitrocellulose Oncyte Nitrocellulose Slides manufactured by Grace Bio.  Microarray Printing Pin 946MP3.  Click on image to view it larger.  Quantification and scans done with Innoscan 710IR and Mapix quantification software.