Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lowering Biomarker Costs for Diagnostics

Biomarkers can be very expensive to prepare.  Biomarkers made into microarrays for testing on our platform can be oligonucleotides, DNA, proteins, cells, peptides, glycans and other precious substances used to measure a biological state or condition.  They have huge importance in diagnostics, drug development, agriculture and environmental testing.  The more biomarker material you have to use for any given test, the higher the cost to perform the test.  The technology that uses the least amount of material for testing and that is least invasive for the patient is best.  That is why I want to blog the fact that Arrayit's Microarray Printing Pins can make hundreds of tests with only 250 nanoliters of material, an amount barely visible with the naked eye. And once microarrays are made, thousands of biomarkers can be tested in serological assays using less than 1 ul of serum.  New source microplates, pictured above reduce our costs even further.  That's why we're the technology of choice for both microarray manufacturing and testing. Contact me for more information at todd@arrayit.com.

Download and print out this this picture. Use one sheet print out of each source plate to be printed into a microarray.  Physically write onto it to help map and setup sample locations for your source plates prior to loading them onto the microarrayer.  A physical map that you can hand off to the programmer or use on your own to setup your microarrayer guarantees avoidance of expensive and potentially catastrophic mistakes in sample tracking.